KAP 2008-3: Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico

This KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) outing took place on January 26, 2008 while vacationing in Huatulco, Mexico. Huatulco is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the south part of the country in Oaxaca State. The coastline generally faces to the south, not the west as the coast nears towards Central America. Towards the Eastern part of Huatulco is Residencial Conejos, a residential community. A trail takes you further eastward to Playa Arena, a virtually deserted beach, although the footprints give away the fact that there are occasional visitors. There are three consecutive beaches as you head eastwards, the third one being the most frequented one, with road access, a few fishing boats and a small, very basic local restaurant. Behind the first beach, where I did this KAP session, there is a small plantation of coconut palms and papayas. This visit was during the dry season, and the trees are devoid of foliage. Apparently the rainy season shows a marked contrast in lushness of the vegetation. I’ll have to go back at a different time of year I guess.

Here are a few of the pictures I took from my skyhook camera:

Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico

Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico

Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico
Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico
Playa Arena, Huatulco, Mexico

You can see additional pictures from my KAP 2008-3 outing in the Kite Aerial Photography Gallery on my website.

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