Carlingwood Shopping Centre from the Air

This kite aerial photography (KAP) session took place on Easter Sunday (Apr 4, 2010). I chose this day since there are very few days in the year when one can fly a kite in the parking lot of a commercial mall. I actually did the flying from the parking lot of the mall on the other side of Carling Avenue, Fairlawn Plaza. This was in order to get enough distance from the Carlingwood Mall to try to get most of it inside one frame.

I experimented with the use of panning scripts for the first time. These are scripts which operate the pan and tilt functions of the Dunecam remote system I am now using on many KAP flights. The goal is to eventually make panorama series from the air. On this day, the equipment worked well but the wind failed to keep the camera rig steady enough to make good panorama series. I might construct a few small panos from the session and post them later. I also experimented with both horizontal and vertical formats having adapted my rig with an adjustable platform. Most of my KAP previous to this has been with the camera in landscape format.

Here are a few of the individual frames from the session.

Aerial view of Carlingwood Mall in Ottawa's West end showing Carling Avenue in the foreground and the Ottawa River in the background.

Carling Avenue intersection where the parking lots connect from Carlingwood Mall on the north and Fairlawn Plaza (out of the picture bottom) to the south. I was standing in the Fairlawn Plaza parking lot.

The Sears Store at Carlingwood Mall in Ottawa from a low-level aerial perspective. I was standing in the parking lot of Fairlawn Plaza shooting across Carling Avenue. This was Easter Sunday when the parking lots were empty.

Rob Huntley

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