My Photo Gallery during WEST 2010

I’m mid-way through participating in the West End Studio Tour 2010 (WEST). There is still the weekend of September 25th and 26th to attend if you are in the Ottawa area. I’m one of 20 artists in the tour so there is much to see. I’m including a few pictures of my setup which includes not just my kite aerial photography but also more traditional landscapes, macro photography and a number of images using post-processing to give a painterly quality or otherwise unique interpretation.

I converted our entrance hall, living room and dining room into a walk-through photo gallery exhibiting framed prints of various dimensions, mostly 16″ x 20″, but also several aerial panoramas of Ottawa scenes framed with dimensions 18″ x 36″.

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

I also set up a display table with pictures and equipment demonstrating the “art” of kite aerial photography plus a laptop slideshow of a selection of low level aerial photography images. It was invaluable during the first weekend in explaining the technique which is often interpreted in bizarre ways when not enough information has been given. Some imagine that I strap myself and an SLR camera to a hang glider. Others have an image of me tying a camera to a kite and running down a field trying to get the contraption off the ground. The visual presentation helped to convey that the camera is suspended from the “line” at considerable distance below the already stable flying kite.

Rob's Home Photography Gallery

For more information about the West End Studio Tour, the other 19 artists and our sponsors, please visit the West End Studio Tour website.

Rob Huntley

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