Foyer Gallery 2014 – Dreams of Spring

I’m participating in the next exhibition at the Foyer Gallery. It is a group show with the theme Dreams of Spring and features work by most or all of the 24 artists of the Foyer Gallery. Each member presents several pieces of work depending on size and I will be showing four spring related photographs. The poster shows one of my images called Bachelor’s Buttons Over Creeping Jenny (2nd row, 1st image). This image was taken in our front garden in early spring. Just when the tulips are finishing the Bachelor’s Buttons take over. The yellow background is caused by the ground cover called Creeping Jenny which is yellow in the spring and turns green later in the year. Throwing the Creeping Jenny out of focus gives a dreamy effect to this Dreams of Spring image.

Dreams of Spring - Exhibition at the Foyer Gallery

Dreams of Spring – Exhibition at the Foyer Gallery


View my four images in the show.

A selection of greeting cards and matted prints by several members is also available for purchase.

Dreams of Spring runs from April 1 to April 20, 2014.

Check the Foyer Gallery website for full details of hours and location.

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