Five-Span Stone Bridge in Pakenham, Ontario

Apparently the only one of its kind in North America, the 5 Arch Stone Bridge on Ontario’s Mississippi River is in Pakenham, Ontario, about 45 minutes from Ottawa. I’ve been several times and taken photographs at different times of year. This time I went with Bruce Amos and Murray McComb to photograph the Mississippi River with high spring water levels. Here are a few shots from that day. Visit my website gallery to see more.

Pakenham's 5 Arch Stone Bridge

Pakenham's 5 Arch Stone Bridge

The five arch stone bridge in Pakenham, Ontario on the Mississippi River.

Pakenham's 5 Arch Stone Bridge

Moving Water on the Mississippi River in Pakenham

Water rushes over rock ledges in the rapids at the Pakenham 5 arch stone bridge on the Mississippi River.

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