Virtual Ride For Parkinson’s Research


“Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s. … More than 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s, including 8,000 here in Ottawa. Parkinson’s is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that primarily affects voluntary, controlled movement. The exact cause of the disease is unknown. Discovered almost 200 years ago, there is still no cure or proven treatment available to slow its relentless progression. People can develop Parkinson’s disease at any time in their life.”

“Researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are investigating this disease to learn more to help better care for patients and ultimately to find a cure”.

(Quotations are from the Ottawa Hospital Foundation website)


My journey with Parkinson’s (PD) started with a diagnosis in 2018 at 64 years of age and began with a tremor in my right arm and hand. Although other symptoms are making their presence known, I feel fortunate that PD has progressed fairly slowly to date.

Exercise has been shown to benefit Parkinson’s patients by alleviating some of the current symptoms as well as postponing its advancement over time. Bicycling is an activity that many with Parkinson’s can continue to enjoy as their condition worsens, and fortunately for me it is an activity that I already enjoy. I also benefit from swimming and walking. During the pandemic, with the pools closed and periodic isolation, my bike trainer has been the most important means for me to get the intensive exercise needed.


In the past I have participated in three Parkinson’s Research Fundraisers associated with The Ottawa Hospital: Lap the Gats (cycling), THE RIDE (cycling), and the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2020 5K Walk.

The combined fundraising total from these three years exceeded $10,000.

For 2022 I have created this cycling fundraising challenge to enable myself, and anyone else who wishes to join with me, to raise funds in support of Parkinson’s Research at The Ottawa Hospital.


I will do my biking challenge on an indoor bike trainer using the computer gaming app called ZWIFT. My goal is to cycle a total of 1000 km over the two month period of April and May 2022.


To take part in the event, join the team by registering yourself using the JOIN THE TEAM button on the Team Page. Anyone can participate. See the Team page for more information.


You don’t have to participate in the bike challenge to help the cause. You can make a donation. Please pledge support for this cause by making a secure online donation through me or through one of the other team members. The combined funds raised by the team will be directed specifically towards Parkinson’s Disease Research at The Ottawa Hospital. The Ottawa Hospital will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.

Thanks for your support.

Click the DONATE button on my personal page to support my personal challenge.

…Rob Huntley

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