Backlit Mullein in a Meadow

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Backlit Mullein in a Meadow

Backlit Mullein in a Meadow

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Japanese willow leaves on black.

New in my portfolio:
Japanese willow leaves against a dark background.
Japanese willow leaves against a dark background.
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Football or soccer? Or neither?

Having at least something in common with David Beckham, I trip up on using the word “football” when the game is locally known as “soccer”. We went to watch a friend’s team in an old timer’s football league play an away game in Arnprior. I went eagerly anticipating the challenge of “sports photography”, quickly learning that it’s not easy to get a good action shot. Half-time saw my wife and I taking a walk to offset the one we might have taken in the evening if it wasn’t for being away for the game and a meal to follow.

The sun was getting low in the sky and I became caught up with an abandoned road and backlit weeds. My wife went back to the game. I stayed with the setting sun. No discredit to the game and the effort being put out. It’s not the first time my camera and I have lost the plot. I returned to the pitch just in time for the final whistle.

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