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I’ve caved in and I am checking what twitter is all about.
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There are so many twitterers (probably have the lingo wrong) that it is impossible to get anything resembling your own name without corrupting it with numbers or weird characters. So I have made my own version of Craig Wilson’s Flickr name since I liked it so much and Craig might appreciate that I think it deserves to be stolen. Craig is KAP’n Craig on Flickr. If you haven’t figured what makes us KAPns, the KAP stands for kite aerial photography.

I’ve also set up a twitter for my business, Holiday Junction. That can be followed at

KAP 2008-41: Grundahl Park, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin – July 25, 2008

I post these images simply to mark the occasion of meeting Craig Wilson, the famous and infamous kite aerial photographer of Madison, Wisconsin. Craig and I agreed that this KAP should be written off as a non-KAP. The light was so poor this evening and 98% of my shots were blurred (higher ISO would have helped). My wife and arranged to meet KAP’n Craig, as he is known on Flickr and other internet venues, in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin which is just outside Craig’s hometown of Madison. Craig and three of his kiting buddies were adding some kite colour to an annual cancer fundraiser held at Grundahl Park. Craig and friends made my wife and I feel very welcome. After it became too dark, and the rain set in, we all retired to the Grumpy Troll for a beer.

This session used a PowerShot A570IS and a FLED kite.

Grundahl Park, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.
Grundahl Park, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

This Wisconsin Badger kite was hand-made by one of Craig's skilled kite buddies.
This Wisconsin Badger kite was hand-made by one of Craig’s skilled kite buddies.

You can see additional pictures from my KAP 2008-41 outing in the Kite Aerial Photography Gallery on my website.