Rubber Duckies Annual Race For Charity

I don’t think this race is run any more in the Ottawa area but I have seen it elsewhere. This shot was taken as a print, before the digital days. I scanned it some time ago but I have since reworked it with some digital tweaking in PhotoShop.

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Rubber Duckies Annual Race for Charity

Rubber Duckies Annual Race for Charity

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Skating on the Rideau Canal, Ottawa – Postcard

Here’s my new postcard design of skating on the Rideau Canal. This is an abstraction of an aerial view of skating on the Rideau Canal. The original photograph was taken with Kite Aerial Photography.

The postcard is offered for sale in my Zazzle store. Click on the postcard to go straight to page.

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KAP 2008-10: Dow’s Lake, Ottawa. Skating on the Rideau Canal. February 24, 2008.

The Rideau Canal system stretches from Ottawa, Ontario to Kingston, Ontario. I’m not sure of the exact length of the canal, but it is 180 km to cycle from Ottawa to Kingston in the annual Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. The city of Ottawa’s existence largely depends on the fact that this was the site chosen for where the canal would join the Ottawa River. For many years, Ottawa laid claim to having the longest outdoor skating rink in the world, stretching from Dow’s Lake to the National Arts Centre (our claim has recently been outclassed by the city of Winnipeg I believe). Weather permitting, the rink is open to recreational skating (and commuting) for several months each winter. The skating rink is one of the main focal points of the annual Winterlude festivities which is an important tourist attraction to the region.

This Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) outing includes pictures taken about 1 week after Winterlude ended for this year. I made several attempts to photograph this site during Winterlude. Twice there was sufficient wind for the kite but not for the camera. Once my remote control’s batteries were drained from being accidentally turned on in my pack sack the day before. On this, my fourth attempt, I also experienced equipment failure with my camera only recording the first 40% of the shots I thought I had taken.

Here are a few images from that outing:

Looking towards Bronson St. Bridge where the skaters go under to continue skating to downtown Ottawa.

Dow's Lake. Skating on the Rideau Canal. Kite Aerial Photography, KAP

Dow’s Lake Pavilion in the distance on the left. The taller building is Adobe.

Dow's Lake. Skating on the Rideau Canal. Kite Aerial Photography, KAP

Wave to the camera:

Dow's Lake. Skating on the Rideau Canal. Kite Aerial Photography, KAP

Overhead shot of snow drifts and people tracks on Dow’s Lake, Ottawa:

Snow drifts and people tracks. Dow's Lake. Skating on the Rideau Canal. Kite Aerial Photography, KAP

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You can see additional pictures from my KAP 2008-10 outing in the Kite Aerial Photography Gallery on my website.