In Explore on Flickr – Dream Forest

In Explore on Flickr – Dream Forest
September 26, 2012

Dream Forest - In Explore on Flickr

Dream Forest – In Explore on Flickr

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trees art / trees photos / trees greeting cards / trees canvas prints

forest art / forest photos / forest greeting cards / forest canvas prints

Starting to Twitter

I’ve caved in and I am checking what twitter is all about.
I can be followed at

There are so many twitterers (probably have the lingo wrong) that it is impossible to get anything resembling your own name without corrupting it with numbers or weird characters. So I have made my own version of Craig Wilson’s Flickr name since I liked it so much and Craig might appreciate that I think it deserves to be stolen. Craig is KAP’n Craig on Flickr. If you haven’t figured what makes us KAPns, the KAP stands for kite aerial photography.

I’ve also set up a twitter for my business, Holiday Junction. That can be followed at

Kite Aerial Photography Video

Here is a very good video that lets you see Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) in action. The 10 minute clip features Cris Benton, a San Francisco area KAPer.

Cris also runs the popular KAP forum called Notes on Kite Aerial Photography where most serious practitioners hang out, share knowledge on new cameras, equipment and technique and tell a few stories about KAPing adventures and misadventures.

Most Kite Aerial Photographers like to show their peers as well as the general public their recent birds-eye results. The Kite Aerial Photography Group on is the best place to see a broad selection of photography from KAP enthusiasts from around the world. We have individual accounts there in order to submit so you can view the images of each individual photographer by going to his/her Flickr photostream. View the images of KAP_Cris on Flickr. KAP_Cris is his Flickr alias. Cris also has his own informative Kite Aerial Photography website.