Looking Down! – A New Group on Fine Art America

Looking Down (from above)

Today, I have launched a new group for participation by aerial photographers who are also members of Fine Art America.

Promote your aerial images to the art buying community by becoming a member of the group.

This is an aerial photography group. Low level aerial photographs and photos from ‘high places’ are permitted.

Red Covered Bridge by Rob Huntley - at Fine Art America

Red Covered Bridge by Rob Huntley – at Fine Art America

Looking Down includes views from above using:

– Aircraft
– Kite Aerial Photography
– Pole Aerial Photography
– UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles – model planes, quadcopters, drones)
– any other equipment which lifts your camera
– or simply from a high place such as a tower, rooftop, hillside, an apartment balcony or even a step ladder.

Images can include abstracts, documentary style photographs, etc as long as the camera is in an elevated position … not merely pointed down from your normal terrestrial vantage point. In other words, if the lens is less than 6 feet (2 m) above the ground it does not qualify.

Any amount of creative editing is permitted but the source of the image should be a photograph.

 Use this Link to get to the group.

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